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We strongly believe in in the power of customers selecting IT services from focused suppliers like sumNERV. The IT Outsourcing services we offer is the ones we have extremely good knowledge of, this means high quality services and still with a competitive price for the customers.

So, it’s time to benchmark us with your current supplier, please contact us: and you will save money and win the quality in how Selective IT Outsourcing should be!

BaaS (Backup as a Service)

MaaS (Monitoring as a Service)

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

AaaS (Archive as a Service)


Building high quality datacenters based on Azure Stack HCI provides a more sustainable platform for your Business Services consumption.
sumNERV assists companies globally building datacenters that meets tomorrows expectations.

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Having a plan for how to keep a company or organisations business available even during an business impact is of key essence.
This plan is defined and structured over time but the basis regarding defining scope, processes, routines, restores, disaster recovery and much more are always crucial and will be defined in the actual quality of the Business Continuity Plan.

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Getting started with Azure is easy, understanding its full potential and how it should be setup to meet your expectations is trickier. It all starts from understanding how and why you should or should not consume its services. sumNERV can assist you to understand how your company should work to retrieve the full potential of Azure.

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Preferred Partners

This is the selected few sumNERV Prefered Partners that provides quality for our clients.