Cloud Protection

MBaaS SaaS Managed Backup

Managed Backup for SaaS based on AvePoint Cloud Backup for
Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, SalesForce and Google.

As more and more companies and organizations connect their operations to the cloud-based
services from Microsoft and other SaaS providers, the need to ensure the information and
accessibility of the information in these systems also increases.

When external threats and attacks become more frequent, it is even more relevant that all
critical information is available to the business, this also applies to public cloud services. Many
organizations and companies rely on the fact that it is the SaaS provider who in their service
also handles Backup & Restore of the information stored. This is not the case.


sumNERV Provider has developed a fully managed Backup & Restore Service based on
AvePoint with the purpose of relieving and supporting an existing MSP IT organization.

The service contains monitoring and management of the backup and restore operations,
where the price is based on how many active seats the end-customer has registered.

As a fully managed service it includes licensing management, onboarding, daily operations,
troubleshooting and offboarding.


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