Sumnerv – equal by definition,
distinct by passion.



Cloud services

sumNerv is an international consulting services company with a focus on cloud scenarios from Private to Public and all Hybrid solutions. sumNerv has established itself as a company that drives the planning and identification of core business services value and works with our customers to define what Microsoft, and third party components make up their best possible solution.

Our organization is staffed with multiple Microsoft MVP’s (Most Valuable Professionals), certified trainers, and the world’s leading experts in Business Continuity solutions, infrastructure management, and automation in all things cloud. With our great understanding, experience, and versatility there is no better company to assist in developing the right strategic solution that is customized to meet your needs.


sumNerv’s consultants are world-class and you can expect nothing less than the most positive impact for optimizing your business.

Preferred Partners

This is the selected few sumNERV Prefered Partners that provides quality for our clients.