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Robert Hedblom is a well-known external partner and also internal partner at Microsoft due to his high skillsets and experience when it comes to designing scenario driven solutions based on the System Center stack, Azure and Windows Server technologies. Roberts focus as a Cloud and Solution Principal Architect.

Architect / Business Continuity Professional at sumNERV is to build, design and structure the cloud enabled modern datacenters for the customers and the datacenters provided services. Roberts skills are often used by Microsoft’s PFE or MCS organization due to his both deep knowledge and wide visions of delivering services based on the Microsoft stack.

Robert is often seen as a selected speaker for his topics both at Ignite, TechEd, SCU globally, Microsoft internally and so on.

He is also a selected member of MEET (Microsoft Extended Expert Team), board groups for System Center and Azure services in Redmond and India.



Markus is a service minded person with years of experience as both a consultant and operational work-roles.

He has history of working as consultant at a specialist company and also as an operational engineer at several hosting providers in Sweden.

Markus has always been driven with helping companies secure and monitor their critical services from a business continuity perspective.


Delivering the most suitable solution for each individual company and their specific business services is one of Markus strengths.

From the smallest firm to the biggest enterprise there is always a unique solution and it requires great perspective and broad knowledge to satisfy the customer in their needs.



Responsible for:

  • Contracts
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Customer relations


Robert Butler

Creative, solution-oriented IT specialist with solid history of successfully designing, integrating, and deploying enterprise infrastructure solutions for increased efficiencies and maximum ROI. Strong technical background with specialty in leading-edge technologies, including VMware. Master of project management and all phases of project life cycle. Personable, with sound client-facing experience and collaborative management style for effectively leading and coalescing diverse teams for profitable, on-time deliverables.


  • Windows Enterprise Architecture
  • Project Planning
  • x86 AMD/Intel Server and Workstation Hardware
  • Infrastructure Strategy & Capacity Planning
  • Change Advisory
  • Team & Project Leadership
  • Risk Assessment, Impact & Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Storage Solutions, Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Training, Documentation & Support
  • Network & System Security